Discovering My Purpose is a nonprofit aimed at helping people live more meaningful lives.   Participation is free and is open to all who are 13 years of age and older.  The Discovering My Purpose process is made up of steps that have been tested and scientifically validated as impactful.  As we explore purpose, a natural question comes to mind - if purpose is so awesome, why aren’t more of us living lives of purpose?  

The Challenges

  • Depending on the study that you read, between 20% to 25% of respondents report that they lead a life of purpose.   In his book What Should I Do With My Life Po Bronson found that the biggest obstacle for people discovering their purpose is that people don’t give themselves permission to ask the question.   So the very fact that you are here is a big step.

  • In his interviews, Bronson found that people almost always start off with a purpose that is pretty confused.  This only gets clearer as time passes and they learn more about themselves and how their purpose fits in their lives.  So remember, just because things start off a little muddy, that doesn't mean that you aren't on the right track.   Keep going.

A Scientifically Validated Process

The Discovering My Purpose process rests upon the work of great minds.   Dr. Marty Seligman, Dr. Laura King, Dr. Angela Duckworth, Dr. David Cooperrider, and last but not least Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar.   The elements of the process that you will be walking through have been created by psychologists who tested and scientifically validated that they work. 

To view videos 1 - 8, you will need to login.   The whole process is free and we have rigorous protocol in place to protect your privacy.  The only item for sale is an optional certificate stating you have completed the program. 

Setting Expectations

While this is a powerful process, that does not mean that your path to purpose is going to proceed from videos 1 through 8 in a clean, straight path.  It is much more likely that you will have to repeat some of these steps until you have clarity.  Discovering My Purpose has a variety of different discussion areas for you to post questions and get support.   We want to hear from you, so keep in mind that you are not alone in this exploration.   By sharing your challenges, you could help others who are struggling in the same way.  

As Aristotle said, "Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom."  This work will be some of the most important you will ever do, so have patience and take your time.   It will be worth it.  We promise.

Finding your Authenticity

When Michelangelo first saw the block of marble that would become the most famous statue in the world, he said that he saw David in its depths.  And all he needed to do is chip, chip away in order to reveal David to the world.  I invite you to think of this process in much the same way.   Your purpose already lives within you.   These exercises exist in order to help you to chip down to your core self.   They will help you quiet down the noise so that you can better hear your authentic voice.

Are you ready?  Click Step 1, Discovering Your Top Strengths, and get started! 

Introductory Video