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Thanks for your interest in hosting a Discovering My Purpose program.  We are committed to providing the program to as many kids as possible, so support from people like you is critical.  More information on how to get started is below.

Proving the Impact Program Content
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All concepts and activities used in Discovering My Purpose are evidence-based, created by thought leaders from Harvard, University of Pennsylvania, UCLA, and beyond. 

Discovering My Purpose is a data driven program.  We track our success two different ways. 

All participants fill out a 77 question survey before starting the program and after finishing it.  This tracks a variety of areas such as the levels of student anger, anxiety, depression, grit, purpose, satisfaction in life, self-esteem, substance abuse, and vulnerability to peer pressure.  Pre- and post-program results are then compared.  

Upon completion of the program, graduations also fill out an evaluation, rating its effectiveness.  73% of respondents said that they found the program to be "highly relevant" in helping them create a life of purpose. 

89% of graduates rated the program as a 9 or 10 on a 10 point scale for how interesting it was. 

"Those in the program found it to be not only educational but also fun. The teen grads wanted to come back and help the next group which speaks volumes about the program." Josh Barnard, YMCA Alpharetta Teen & Aquatics Coordinator

After extensive study and testing, DMP has developed a curriculum to help youth discover their purpose through classroom study.  Our four part strategy is listed below.  An overview of individual class content can be seen here.

1.  We invite students to get to know themselves.  Self-discovery includes studying the brain. Strategies on how to break the negative self-talk cycle are worked on throughout the program.  
2.  We help students develop self-control. We harness the power of mindfulness practices, training our brains, growth mindset, intrinsic motivation and independent self-esteem.  Together these help ground participants.  Without self-control it is hard for youth to achieve their goals.
3.  We encourage students to dream big. Purpose lives at the intersection of what we love to do, what we are good at and what the world needs.  By understanding their strengths and how they have thrived in the past, youth build their vision for the future on this foundation.
4.  We help them turn dreams into success. Participants come to understand the power of goals and how to build out kaizen (incremental) action to move themselves forward.  Once they have completed the program, graduates can join the Special Interest Group that corresponds with their purpose.  In this online conversational space, they receive guidance from mentors and talk with others who share their passion.

Program Structure and Length
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Discovering My Purpose has four different program structures in place. 
  • School Program -  Fourteen 50-minute lessons, including review lessons, a mid-term exam and final exam.  The program is fun, interactive, and mostly lecture driven.  Classes are usually offered once a week.
  • After-School, Clubs, Church, & Outreach Program - Twelve hour-long lessons, the general structure is 40 minutes of lecture/self-discovery exercises, then 20 minutes of experiential fun.  Classes usually offered once a week.
  • Summer Camp - Nine hour-long lessons, the general structure is 40 minutes of lecture/self-discovery exercises, then 20 minutes of experiential fun.  Timing can be flexible, such as a class every Monday, Wednesday and Friday in order to conclude within a few weeks.
  • Weekend Intensive - Two 4-hour sessions, ideally one on Saturday and then one on Sunday.
Pricing is dependent on two factors - the program being offered and whether it is being taught by the hosting organization or a DMP-certified teacher.
  • Organization Licenses
    • A per-class license good for up to 20 students to go through the in- school or after-school program, with the hosting organization teaching and facilitating the program.  Price: $995
    • This per-class license is good for up to 20 students to go through the summer camp or weekend intensive, with the hosting organization teaching and facilitating the program.  Price: $795
  • DMP-Led Programs are priced on an individual student basis
    • In-school and after-school programs are $249/student.
    • Summer camp and weekend intensive programs are $199/student.
Individual scholarships and class-wide sponsorships are available.  Contact us to learn more.

Location Possibilities Student Feedback
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Discovering My Purpose programs are flexible, so they can be offered in a variety of different places.  An example of possibilities are:
  • Schools - public, private or charter
  • After-school clubs - Beta Club, National Honor Society, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, etc.
  • Places of worship - Discovering My Purpose contains no religious content, so can be used by all.
  • Outreach programs - Big Brother, Big Sister, Boys Club, Girls Club are a few examples.
  • Summer camps - such as camps offered by the YMCA, local organizations, places of worship and more.

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As part of the evaluation process, DMP graduates had the following to share:

"I really love the fact that this program helped me and guided me to find my purpose.  I want to be a psychologist and I want to live in Florida in a condo on Coco Beach.  Thank you so much, Ms Laura.  You will forever be known as my favorite teacher."  Alex

"During the Discovering My Purpose program, I enjoyed the Positive Past exercise and the Fantastic Future.  The class helped me have a more positive outlook on my life."  Katie

"Discovering My Purpose helped me find my purpose, which is to help the world understand the past so they don't make the same mistakes."  Justin

"I learned about myself and the future I can have.  I liked learning about my characteristics/strengths and my purpose."  Sebastian

"I loved how this class taught me how to create my goals and accomplish them.  I think this class really teaches why finding a purpose is very important."  Isabella

"Discovering My Purpose taught me about myself.  I learned a lot of important things, such as finding my purpose.  I want to be a chef!"  Lewis

"I think these are important lessons for kids this age to learn.  The more you can learn about yourself - your strengths and weaknesses - the more you can better understand your purpose and the direction in which you want your life to go."   Logan, YMCA camp counselor

Do you have questions or are you ready to get started? We would love to hear from you! 

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